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A valuable tool to. . . tune into the emotional issues and needs of young children.
             —Lori Rifkin, Psychologist
The Tricycle Solution
Teachable moments for parents and preschoolers




How can we learn to see clearly the child in his world? How can we affect the world the child lives in? To address these issues we must learn to see both the child and ourselves. Every social transaction—whether on a playground, in the classroom, or on a bus—is a teachable moment. Each interaction offers another chance to learn, to change and to grow for both the adult and the child.

             —Effie Kuriloff,
                 Former Director, Rocky Mt. Cooperative Preschool

Shot over the course of a school year, The Tricycle Solution portrays the daily experience of a cooperative preschool where parents are as much students as their children. The normal events and emotions of a preschoolers day—playing, creating, discovering, crying, fighting, and resolving disagreements—are seen in intimate detail, as the teacher, Effie Kuriloff, elucidates her provocative approach.

Available as a continuing education course for CEU credit or clock hours. For more information call 1-800-405-8942 or visit our page at Child Development Media


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“My experience in bringing to public forums, the film, The Tricycle Solution: Teachable Moments for Parents and Preschoolers has been invigorating for me. The discussions after the screening are provocative, honest, and positive.”
             -- Effie Kuriloff, Former Director of Rocky Mountain Cooperative

“This film gives us a glimpse of the enormous gift a good school can bestow; the ability to experience the world from the viewpoint of a learner.”
             -- Marilyn Chandler Schwartz, M.A., Formerly Director of Children’s
             Program, Child Study Center, UC Berkeley

“A powerful little film. I’d like to use it to do an in-service with teachers…What you’re doing with young children, we’re attempting to do with adolescents…a joy to see children resolving their problems…The grace with which you facilitated, totally spiritual. You walk around like a goddess in your own right. Totally convicted in what you’re saying and that conviction comes through.”
             -- James Cusack, M.S. Director, Sand Paths Academy, San

“Brilliant. Captures so much about the school philosophy…’talk less, that is the thing I learned the most, exactly that – avoid interrupting’…”
             -- Victor Menotti, Alumni, father of Sabina, alumni student

“That’s a great film.”
             -- Dr. Sam Susselman, Psychiatrist

“Excellent examples of effective intervention or non-intervention, as the case may be.”
             -- Ruth Frost, Alumni, mother of Noelle, alumni student